Labor Administrative Proceedings

The performance of the negotiation with Labor Authorities or Government Agencies where there is no actual controversy, but by the nature of the case or matter, is required to attend, eg. preparation and approval of the joint committee and training and training plans and programs, health and safety, in short, any matter or proceedings necessary to carry out these Government Agencies.

Labor and Employment Audits

Study and meticulous analysis of the files control taken in the facility, contemplated to the light of the effective labor and employment codification, because a series of formal requirements has settled down imposing very strict and transcendental obligations to the employer, reason why it is necessary to make periodic labor audits, trying to reduce the degree of cost, and in special form according to the type of services that they develop and the personnel that is subordinate in the company.

Individual Employment Disputes

Treatment of any individual subject that extern before the labor courts, eg. conciliatory citations, labor claims, special procedures and in general, any type of process that have the character of individual.

Collective Labor Disputes

Treatment of any labor subject of collective character, eg. strikes, collective bargaining agreements, etc.

General Labor and Employment Counseling

To draw up the polices or directives that must govern for a labor relationship, so that in a determinate situation, it will be known how to handle it, by other way, any legal question that is required to explain doubts and performances.

Trial Consultations

Consulting of digital assets and files that are processed before labor authorities, having direct access to them in real time, having the ease to access them through our website.